Gathering clouds

Yunhe Centre is created with a vision for regenerative development for Danba, a Gyalong Tibetan cultural region in Garzê, Sichuan.  Located in the Moerduo Nature Preserves, the area was challenged by unsustainable tourism development,  and ecological     and nature education. Located in the Moerduo holy mountains in the Tibetan region, nature is our first and foremost teacher.


By embracing the holistic mind, body, heart learning principles, we offer programs that cultivate eco-intelligence and equip youth with visions and skills to become future glocal leaders, change-makers, and stewards of nature.

The meaning of Yunhe 雲合 in Chinese is "Gathering of the clouds". More than a school, Yunhe Centre is a communal gathering place for both local communities and international artists, scholars, and social innovators who share the same passion for being friends with nature.

We are a vegetarian school, and most of our food is sourced from the local Danba region.


In place, without boundaries...

Learning is a life-long process, and it should be inclusive. Yunhe Centre is building an integrated learning system that cultivates understanding and transformation for both inner and outer ecology, connects ancient wisdom with modern innovation, nurtures global and local leadership. We welcome all to join us, either with a passion for learning from nature, connecting to the world, or exploring the inner self.



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