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Yunhe Centre was founded in 2015 with an intention to find a regenerative development model for Danba county, a rural community in Sichuan’s Tibetan cultural region.  The county is located within the Moerduo natural reserve, one of the 4 Tibetan Buddhism’s holy mountain areas. For hundreds of years, the indigenous community had lived side by side with the abundant nature and had developed rich culture and wisdom that survived through the change of time.

Challenged by the modernity and urbanization, local youth moved away and the Tibetan culture and rituals were disappearing. The fragile ecological system is facing challenges by the economic development such as tourism and construction of large scale infrastructure.


We take a holistic view towards development, and value consistent and incremental efforts and grow together with our community. The holistic development path includes expending the capacity of the local community members as active stewards for the nature reserve environment while gaining new skills for a healthy local economy upgrade. Meanwhile, the rich biodiversity environment and the indigenous wisdom provide excellent learning opportunities for young people and adults, both from local and beyond. 

Since then, the centre created nature education programs, helped establish a local community cooperative that practices eco-friendly agriculture. The centre also works as a gathering place for scholars, artists, designers, and change-makers who wish to learn and create works inspired by nature.

The Yunhe Centre is supported by various foundations and like-minded enterprises.

Read Yunhe Story at UNESCO Creative 2030 publication 

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